About us

BLITZEN is part of the world of digital solutions, we are at home in the realm of moving images, we are privy to the unlimited facets of design and understand the importance of strategic consulting.

We develop and create online platforms, databases and software solutions; we shoot, cut and produce films, we play content on screens and display systems of any given size. And still, we remain consummate experts in the discipline it all began with: design. Our expertise extends to all aspects of design from print, web, motion, graphic or product design.

Our team consists of 40 consultants, project managers, creative souls, developers, technicians and our two managing directors – all of whom are experts within their fields of work.

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What we do

Acting responsibly is important to us. This is why we pay special attention to an environmentally-agreeable and sustainable management as well as the respectful treatment of employees, partners and clients. We believe in social diversity and fairness and, wherever possible, we want to do our part towards protecting and preserving our planet. Therefore we use resources economically, buy eco-friendly materials and conduct our business in a way that is 100 percent carbon neutral.

How we work

We want our employees to be happy; we encourage their participation, their pursuit of personal development and the establishment of a work-life balance that works out for each of them individually. The key: Fair working conditions, open channels of communication, transparency, flexible working time models and a pleasant working environment.


We offer independent work with a high degree of personal responsibility in our now almost 40-person team of developers, graphic & motion designers, project managers, technicians, consultants and administrators who keep the machine running.

Not everything runs perfectly for us, but we try to learn from mistakes. An open atmosphere and flexibility are more important to us than routines and fixed procedures.

The working time models at BLITZEN are as varied as the life situations of our employees - we try to be as flexible as possible to meet all individual needs.

We have learned our lesson from the pandemic and are open to all possible working models. Remote working is possible - whether from home, or even from somewhere less gray and wet than Berlin in winter. But we have great rooms in Kreuzberg, with lots of space, a large communal kitchen, roof terrace and grill, which is why most colleagues prefer to work hybrid.

The health of our employees is very important to us - for this we not only have drinks and fresh fruit, but we are also cooked a delicious vegetarian meal once a week. In addition, there is a joint exercise program twice a week - on-site and digital - for those who like to bend and keep fit in between.

We also believe in lifelong learning. That's why we're happy to support and finance training and continuing education, buy books and materials, or make it possible to travel to trade fairs or conferences.

Other benefits such as a company pension plan, health promotion benefits, non-cash allowances, BVG tickets or subsidies for a bicycle are arranged individually according to need.







Environmental protection

Because it has been a big concern for us, we have already been doing our small contribution to the big picture for over 10 years. We are Carbon neutral through the use of 100% green electricity, consistent waste separation and recycling, provision of filtered water in glass bottles instead of buying plastic bottles, a bee-friendly rooftop garden, seasonal food, purchase of sustainably produced work materials and environmentally friendly cleaning agents and, above all, the commitment of our employees, 75% of whom travel emission-free by bike and train.

Social Responsibility

Selected socio-politically relevant projects can count on our commitment, knowledge and equipment – pro bono. Our objective is to expand such efforts in the future and to expand our focus on sustainable topics and issues.

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