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We work with experienced teams of permanent employees on projects in the fields of Interactive, Moving Images, Design and Service Unit. This results in direct communication, short reaction times and solutions that are perfectly aligned to our client’s specific needs. Primary importance being relevance, clarity - and a dash of rock ‘n’ roll.

Digital is our middle name – regardless whether it’s databases, shop systems, web or software development: We’ll find a solution for everything and implement it in a state-of-the art manner. We translate ‘complicated' and ‘convoluted’ into 'simple' and 'user-friendly'.

There’s nothing we love more than moving images in all their imaginable manifestations. Live recordings or documentaries, animations, visuals or video productions – we shoot, cut, stage, move and project. In every size, 2D, 3D or 4K – you name it.

Many years ago our journey began with classic product and exhibition design – and this passion for forms, colours and style is still part of each and every aspect of our work. Today we offer the whole range of artwork and creation: CI, screen, print, product, package, exhibition and stage design. And, in addition to this, there’s also our expertise in the production of printed matters and special packaging, where every detail is elaborated with greatest precision. Well – did we miss anything?

Extensive hardware and software services for digital POS are our daily business. Throughout Germany we can quickly be on site with our own fleet of vehicles, if required. Are you interested in customised displays and matching shelves? Including delivery, assembly and installation of mobile data packages and roll-out systems for database-managed content? All is available with maintenance service and creation of individual video contents.

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  • JTI
  • Beats
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  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Amnesty International
  • O2
  • sodexo
  • Green Product Award
  • Design Hotels
  • tonpool
  • Universal
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