What up?


  • Le Kicktipp

    Euro 2016 / Champagne / Tchin-tchin!

    Mesdames et Messieurs, dear friends, sports and gambling enthusiasts: The Euro 2016 is approaching fast and BLITZEN will attend this extravaganza with the usual drum roll and well-known debauchery...

  • Bratislava Symphony Orchestra

    Live Stream / Classic / Motion

    When the Bratislava Symphonie Orchestra came to play in the sold-out Philharmonie, it performed in front of 2,000 guests – and to an audience of almost 67,000 people...

  • Crank it up!

    Design / Interactive / Festivalsommer

    Finally! Summer is back and with it the festival season. As usual we open up this favourite time of ours together with GIZEH in form of the annual FESTIVALSOMMER...

  • DER W

    Motion / Music / Live Concert

    A whole truckload of equipment and a club bursting with history: Ideal conditions for the production of the live DVD of the Band DER W! Our motion team...

  • Take two

    Design / Packaging / GIZEH

    Papers? Check. Filter? Time for some group crafting with business cards, tea boxes and other materials from the recycling bin. But there is a ray of hope for ending the DIY sessions, thanks to the new King Size Slim + Tips...