What up?


  • DER W

    Motion / Music / Live Concert

    A whole truckload of equipment and a club bursting with history: Ideal conditions for the production of the live DVD of the Band DER W! Our motion team...

  • Take two

    Design / Packaging / GIZEH

    Papers? Check. Filter? Time for some group crafting with business cards, tea boxes and other materials from the recycling bin. But there is a ray of hope for ending the DIY sessions, thanks to the new King Size Slim + Tips...

  • Retrospective in Prague

    Design / Contemporary Art / Exhibition

    „Best unknown artist in the world: Marek Schovánek“ – that’s how the „Dox Centre for Contemporary Art“ in Prague is announcing the major retrospective – titled „Propaganda“ – of the Czech-Canadian artists work...

  • The World in 2050

    Sustainability / Strategy / Energies United

    What will the world look like in 2050? How can the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN be translated into effective, financially feasible and practicable measures? And what role plays science in this, placed between politics...

  • JTI Digital Signage

    Interactive / Digital Signage / Rollout

    The nationwide rollout of the new JTI digital signage tablets is in full swing. At its conclusion, there will be 500 running in-service stations, tobacco shops and kiosks...