Sunshine / Work / Workation

2022 was the start of BLITZEN South: All colleagues were invited to swap a week of gray Berlin for a week of work under the Mallorcan sun. Needless to say it went great, so of course we had to do another round this year (and also will next year, for that matter). BLITZEN South went into it’s second course and once again we were allowed to set up our workplaces in the south, with sunscreen on and sea air in our noses: In our rented villa on the coast of Málaga with plenty of space and stable WLAN. What does workation at BLITZEN look like? That depends. A yoga session together in the morning or a solitary coffee on the sun terrace. Working at the long dining table or in peace and quiet in your own room. Cooking together or going to a restaurant. Working through the to-do list or taking the afternoon off. Anything goes – how about a little bit of everything? There are no planned activities or set routines because the best experiences happen all by themselves. We don't know yet where we will go next year. But we do know that there will be a next BLITZEN South.