JTI trade online portal

Concept / Design / Web Development / Support

For many years we have worked together with our client Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Germany to bring modern, digital brand-communication to its customers through direct-marketing mailings, promotional microsites and competitions. However, businesses need not only explore marketing possibilities with their customers—specialty shops and retailers can also benefit from a more direct and successful dialogue with JTI.
To that end, we designed JTI‘s new B2B website from concept to its launch. The website doesn’t function merely as a sales portal—rather, it is a central information platform for retailers and sales representatives across Germany offering exclusive offers, products and discounts, as well as tailored editorial content from JTI‘s brand universe. JTI‘s new portal also includes an attractive and engaging bonus program for retailers and offers additional labour-saving tools and advice to its users.
This week, we can finally say ‘go‘ and launch our latest project.