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“Propaganda” was the title of the retrospective of Czech-Canadian artist Marek Schovánek that has been shown on two floors at the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague. For the first time a selection of Schovánek's artwork covering 20 years of different creative periods was on display in one exhibition. Born in Prague and raised in Canada, Schonvánek lives and works most of his time in Berlin since the 1990s. Once titled as “best unknown artist in the world” he uses irony and provocation as instruments to criticise the mass consumption and destructiveness of Western societies.

As design partner, BLITZEN developed the leitmotif for posters and invitations and was also in charge of content selection and design for the voluminous exhibition catalogue. Printing and production of the catalogue with a weight of almost 1.5 kilograms and its additional premium cover were done in close cooperation with the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and its partners in Prague.




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