What we did

Since 2012, when the foundation for the Nokia House Berlin was laid, the company has been part of our client base. The building complex, which now goes by the name of 'HERE Campus', was constructed to function as a contemporary, ultra-modern work space: It features modular walls for changing teams and evolving work requirements, saunas and fitness areas as well as a restaurant and rooftop terrace. A service desk offers a wide range of benefits to provide support – in terms of accommodation, driving and cleaning services to name but a few – for the over 1.000 employees from all over the world. It goes without saying that support during everyday working life is also provided.






In addition to the conception, design and content management of in-house media at company headquarters, we installed a monitor system enabling remote booking of the conference rooms from all over the world. An impressive multimedia installation, which plays custom-designed, unique content, can be found in one of the reception areas. Employees can also use the user-friendly intranet website to access information about services and daily specials on the HERE Campus.

The result

The concept and building procecss of the Nokia House Berlin were captured in a documentary. The result: An emotional short film.