What we did

o2 has been our client for over ten years, during which time we produced countless animations and clips, concert recordings and documentaries for them.

We distributed all contents for o2 and Telefónica to the complex multimedia systems in the o2 Berlin and Hamburg Worlds. BLITZEN was responsible for the complete production – from conception to processing to data handling.







The challenge: Finding a shared visual vocabulary for the huge variety of formats and generating tailored content for each medium. Furthermore, recognizing the substantial technical requirements for the different data types while also taking into account their distribution. The venue’s numerous screens and LED walls included 230 arena TV screens in foyers and circuits, video walls in the lobbies, video cubes and the 360° LED ribbons indoors.

Adieu & Goodbye

In the summer of 2015, Telefónica terminated their activities in the event arenas in Berlin and Hamburg.