What we did

The Station is located in the heart of Berlin in an old railway station. Over 100 years ago, it functioned as a hub for the transportation of letters, packages and goods from all over the world. Now the old railway station is one of the most exciting event locations in the city. This is where an international audience can meet new ideas, events and products – for instance at the PREMIUM, re:publica or art berlin contemporary.






Digital marketing is crucial for this dynamic venue. Indeed, we wanted to make sure that everyone interested would be able to grasp the multitude of possibilities at one glance. This is why we laid our main focus for the relaunching of the website on usability; we predicted various user scenarios and restructured all of the information in a clear and simple manner.

The Station is continuously expanding and evolving and
we’re excited to see how it will look in the future!

The result

Station Booklet

Our ideas for a booklet, as dynamic
as the location itself